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c a s s e t t e r e m a k e s

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BIGBANG {c a s s e t t e r e m a k e s
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big bang graphics

Welcome to bbvideotapes.
This is BIGBANG graphics and contest community.
It's based on a forum called c a s s e t t e r e m a k e s made by sol_is_great.
Please read the rules before joining the community.
If you want to be an artist or mod, just apply.
*please contact sol_is_great if you have any queries!


★ This community is only for BIGBANG.
★ If you want to be an artist (for graphics) you should apply and be accepted first.
★ Only moderators and artists can post entries.
★ Credit the artists.
★ Comment if you take any graphic.
★ Be respectful to the others, they're vip fans too!.
★ Please be active.


twinees - billibelle&vicvickyrox's graphic comm.

for affiliates, please contact sol_is_great or any staff member.

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